Our talks with Peter Haas’ bosses finished’: Obaidul Quader

Addressing BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, ruling Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader has said, “What Peter Haas (US Ambassador in Dhaka) would do? Will [he] impose visa policy, or sanctions on us?”We’ve already talked to Peter Haas’ bosses. We’ve finished our talks with America’s mentors. We’ve also held talks at higher level. What is the benefit of doing these when everything is settled secretly? Will you stop the election and indulge in anarchy in Dhaka city showing Peter Haas? But we won’t allow you to do that in any way.”

Quader made the remarks while speaking as the chief guest at a rally organised at the Awami League central office premises at Bangabandhu Avenue in the capital on Thursday afternoon.The Awami League general secretary said, “Have you (Mirza Fakhrul) contracted American diseases? Others don’t contract these diseases. Now-a-days, foreigners don’t come frequently. They don’t care you. So, you rush to Peter Haas. You start running after awaking from sleep in the morning. You go to have lunch in the early afternoon. Then you go for refreshment after evening. I don’t know what dreams Mr Haas has pledged for Fakhrul? However, you’ll get no benefit by dreaming of going to power. Mr Fakhrul! [New] Delhi is far away.”Urging BNP to join the upcoming elections, Quader said, “Mr Fakhrul! You’ll lose everything if you don’t take part in the elction. You’ve spread our bad name all-over the world, so Sheikh Hasina will hold such an election to remove our bad name that the election will be unprecedented. Don’t lose, Mr Fakhrul. You’ll not get back anymore once you lose it. Do you understand?”Referring to the caretaker government issue, the Awami League general secretary said hearing the latest public address of Mirza Fakhrul, it seemed that he want to drag the dead body of caretaker government into politics again. “But, the caretaker government’s dead body has been buried at Azimpur Graveyard. Fakhrul is trying to drag the dead body from the graveyard. But, this dead body will not bring freedom to you.”

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