Dhaka 15 Ward Jubo League Mahanagar North protest meeting

November 7, 1975 is a black chapter in the history of Bangladesh. The day is called ‘Freedom Fighter Soldier Killing Day’. On this day Ziaur Rahman’s companions killed Khaled Musharraf and many others. But the patriot Khaled Musharraf removed those involved in the assassination of Bangabandhu from power. On that day Ziaur Rahman was released from house arrest and what he did made this country a new Pakistan. Especially after the murder of Bangabandhu and his family, four national leaders led by murderer Mushtaq and Zia were killed in jail and hundreds of thousands of freedom fighters were brutally hanged or shot and disappeared until 1981.

About the appearance and behavior of the sepoys of that day, Colonel Shafayat Jamil wrote in the book entitled ‘Seventy-one Liberation War, Bloody Mid-August and Intriguing November’, it is written – ‘The sepoys who took part in the Sepoy Mutiny were Pakistan returnees and none of them were in any battalion that participated in the Liberation War.

Therefore, it is understood that the special forces committed the murders of November 7 to indulge in machinations and heinous murders. And it is very clear to the nation who was behind the special circles.

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