Arafat urges all to remain alert against evil forces

State Minister for Information and Broadcasting Mohammad Ali Arafat today urged all to remain alert against the conspiracies of anti-liberation forces, saying that the evil forces are hatching conspiracy continuously.

“The ghosts of the forces have existence in many parts of the country till now. They stay in hibernation in adverse situation and come into view whenever the environment becomes congenial,” he said. 

The state minister was addressing a discussion as the chief guest at Mirpur in the city marking the Free Mirpur Day (Mirpur Mukto Dibas), said an official press release. 

Bangladesh Awami Jubo League General Secretary Md Mainul Hossain Khan Nikhil, MP, spoke as the chief speaker with Mirpur Shah Ali Thana Awami League (AL) President valiant freedom fighter Aga Khan Minto in the chair.

Arafat said the evil forces again want to hurt the spirit of the Liberation War. “We must remain united against them,” he added.

Noting that freedom fighters are the best sons of this soil, the state minister said, “The country achieved independence following freedom fighters’ sacrifices. We couldn’t have liberated the country from the invaders if they hadn’t joined the Liberation War at the call of Bangabandhu”. 

He added: “Had Bangladesh not liberated, we would have remained slaves and couldn’t even imagine where we would have took refuge.”

He called for teaching the new generation true history of the Liberation War. “We have to highlight the heroic deeds of the freedom fighters to the new generations. They should be learnt that we did not get this country and liberty easily”.

In exchange of many hardships, sacrifices and things, Bangladesh got the liberation, he said, adding, “If we can understand this, we will not let anyone snatch the country’s independence”.

After assassination of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman along with most of his family members within three and a half years after the country’s independence, the state minister said, the country was steered in the opposite direction of the dream with which the country was liberated. 

Noting that by killing Bangabandhu, the anti-liberation evil forces grabbed the state power again in 1975, he said, “We must remain alert against such conspiracies”.

“Even now, we all have to be prepared so that we can face the enemy in any situation and in any reality for sake of the country’s independence and progress,” Arafat continued.

The country’s peace would have been jeopardized following the evil forces conspiracies if there hadn’t been strong leadership of Bangabandhu’s daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, he said, adding, “Only for her (Sheikh Hasina) leadership, we have been able to maintain peace in the country braving all hurdles”.

On January 31, 1972, Mirpur was freed from the clutches of pro-Pakistan Biharis, the Urdu-speaking Muslim community who migrated from Bihar and West Bengal during and after the partition, six weeks after the Pakistan military had unconditionally surrendered to the joint command of Bangladesh and Indian forces on December 16, 1971.

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