Young Director Towhid Haque’s drama ‘Pab Ki Tare’ is going to air soon

Young director Towhid Haque’s drama ‘Pab Ki Tare’ is going to air soon. Syed Zaman Shaon and Fareen Khan are two popular stars of the small screen. Recently, this actor-actress worked in the drama ‘Pab Ki Tare’ directed by Towhid Haque.Towhid Haque’s first directorial play, ‘Regret’. The producer of this drama with Monira Mithu as the female lead was the producer’s mother herself.

About this new drama, the producer said, I am really lucky that my mother is the producer of my drama, she trusted me and gave me this responsibility, she is very optimistic about me and I ask the people of the country to pray that I can put a smile on my mother’s face. ‘Pab Ki Tare’ is based on a romantic story.Fareen Khan said about the new work, ‘Pabo Ki Tare’ is going to be a very good work for me. Because what is the feeling of shooting in winter in Konkan, we really suffered a lot on the shooting set. My co-artist Shaun brother has supported me a lot, I am very excited about the work.Apart from Shaun-Fareen, the drama also starred Alea, Zillu Rocky Khan, Mau Shikha and many others.

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