Potenga Tourist Police Thanks The People Of The Zone

01 Version- 13, Model No-CPH2469, Brand-OXYZEN OS Made in- ITALY Sale by Tourist Police Patenga Zone Members on Beach Patrol Duty
After receiving the call, they called the number of their known person in the phone book number and told the news received through the known person. They also said that they were going home to B-Baria without being able to remember exactly where they lost the phone, on the beach or on the road. After receiving the news from the Tourist Police, they appeared at the Tourist Police at Patenga Sea Beach and gave appropriate evidence, and the cellphone was recovered.
Mohammad Masek (35)
Father-Shah Alam
Gram-Uttar Jagatsar
Thana-Sadar, District- Brakshan Baria
Cell No- 0160103####
After handing it over, they thanked and praised the Patenga Tourist Police. ……………………..

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