Padma’s huge monster-shaped boal fish was sold at the price of a cow

Amazing events now go viral on social media. It can be dancing, singing, fishing, snake catching or porn videos. Recently, a video of a fish has gone viral on social media, which has received a huge response.Netizens are also praising. In the video, it can be seen that a huge monster-shaped fresh boiled fish of Padma was sold at the price of a cow. The video went viral.

On the other hand, 150 kg Baghair fish was seen in Sylhet market. A baghair fish weighing 150 kg has been found in Lalbazar, one of the fish markets of Sylhet city. The fish was caught in Fenchuganj’s Kushiara river on Monday night. Fish trader Bilal Mia brought it to Lalbazar for sale on Tuesday morning. However, Bilal said that instead of selling the fish on Tuesday, he will cut it and sell it at Tk 2,000 per kg on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, many people flocked to the market on Tuesday afternoon to see the fish. Earlier on March 23 last year, a 300 kg Baghair fish was caught in the same river. Apart from this, another Baghair fish weighing 120 kg was caught in Surma river on January 12 this year. Fishermen said that several large-sized baghais are caught in the Surma and Kushiara rivers almost every year.

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