In the history of the country, millions of gold has been released

Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) has announced to increase the price of gold. The price of good quality i.e. 22 carat gold has been increased by 2 thousand 333 taka. In this, the new price of this category of gold will be 1 lakh 777 taka (heavy). This price is the highest in the history of the country.This information was informed in a press release signed by MA Hannan Azad, Chairman of Bajus Price Determination and Price Monitoring Standing Committee on Thursday (July 20).According to the notification, the price of acidic gold has increased in the local market. Considering the overall situation, Bangladesh Jewelers Association has fixed the new price of gold. It will be implemented from Friday (July 21).Meanwhile, on Thursday (July 20), the news agency Reuters reported in a CNBC report that the price of gold has increased further in the international market. Which is the highest in the last 9 months.Global benchmark gold rose 0.4 percent in the spot market on Thursday (July 20), the report said. The price settled at 29 cents per ounce in 1984. Last mid-May which is the highest. It was 1983 dollars the previous working day.U.S. benchmark gold supply rose 0.3 percent on the same business day. The price settled at 20 cents per ounce in 1987.Brian Ran, an expert at Singapore-based dealer Goldsilver Central, said inflation in the US has eased. As a result, the Fed may stop raising interest rates. It weakened the dollar. In terms of the gold market has strengthened.On this day, the dollar index went down by 0.2 percent. This is the lowest in more than 1 year. This makes it cheaper to buy gold from holders of other currencies.Fed policymakers will meet next week. It is assumed that they can increase the interest rate by 25 basis points this time. Then It Will End.

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