In the 12th parliamentary elections Awami League manifesto announcement

Smart Bangladesh – Development Visible,
Employment will increase this time
Announcement of Awami League manifesto with special priority on 11 issues-

  1. Making every effort to keep the prices within the affordability of all
  2. Ensuring vocational education and youth employment
  3. Building smart Bangladesh based on modern technology
  4. Increased investment in integrated farming systems, mechanization and processing for profitable agriculture
  5. Expanding the industry by leveraging visible infrastructure and increasing investment
  6. To increase efficiency and capacity in the financial sector including banking
  7. Making healthcare affordable for low-income people
  8. Inclusion of all in the universal pension system
  9. Ensuring effectiveness and accountability of law enforcement
  10. To prevent communalism and all forms of terrorism and militancy
  11. To promote the protection and practice of democratic system at all levels

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