Hello KMP’ app launched to ensure services for citizens

Khulna Metropolitan Police (KMP) has launched “Hello KMP” app to facilitate access to various services, including emergency national services, online GD, clearance, passport verification, news portal and web-portal. KMP commissioner Md Mozammel Haque inaugurated the app at a press briefing held at the KMP headquarters in the city this afternoon. He said services such as national emergency services, including important phone numbers, online GD, police clearance, passport verification update, traffic and weather update, security clearance; travel, etc can be easily accessed through the app. Also, through this app, any unnecessary delay in passport-related work, misbehaviour and unethical proposals and harassment while receiving emergency services can be reported to the authorities concerned. Speaking on the occasion, the KMP chief said that “Hello KMP” app will play an important role in making it easier for people to get a wide variety of services, including curbing any types of crime and drug trading. The apps will help to reduce militant activities, terrorism, traditional crimes such as robbery, murder, theft and so on,” he said.City residents will now be able to update their information through the app. However, police will continue collecting information manually. The app is expected to enhance interaction between the police and citizens. The Android app is now available on the Google Play Store. Additional Commissioners – Sarder Rakibul Islam, Md Sazid Hossain and Taslima Khatun, Deputy Police Commissioners – Md Anwar Hossain, Md Kamrul Islam, Zahangir Hossain and AZM Tayebur Rahman, Additional Deputy Police Commissioners – Md Moniruzzaman and Sonali Sen, among others, were present in the programme.

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