Eid rush: Gridlocks at Chandra, exits of Dhaka

Tens of thousands of people left Dhaka today on the first day of the Eid holidays and many faced tailbacks at exits to the capital and the north-bound highways.

According to central control room of Road Transport and Highways Division, congestions were reported at Nabinagar and Chandra in the evening.

“Vehicles got stuck on the flyover and road under it at Chandra on Dhaka-Rangpur highway. We have already contacted highway police for their intervention,” an official of the control room told The Daily Spark at 7:20pm.

Suvenkar Ghosh, joint general secretary of Bangladesh Bus Truck Owners Association, said the congestions at exits to Dhaka were mainly due to cattle markets and heavy traffic.

Tailbacks and slow downs were reported from highways to the north, he told The Daily Star around 7:00pm today.He said bus departures were being delayed by an hour and a half since evening.

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