Eid rush: Braving rain, gridlock to reach home

Braving rain, homegoers are rushing to celebrate Eid with their relatives in trucks and pickups, failing to avail seats in the long-route buses.

Besides, many low-income people are forced to choose the good carrying vehicles as means of reaching destinations due to the extra fare in public transport.

Visiting the Chandra and Kaliakair areas in Gazipur, this correspondent saw the pressure of homegoers has increased as Eid vacation in different factories started today.

Many people along with their family members were seen waiting for a long time with luggage to board buses and trucks to go the districts in the north and north-eastern regions.

Buses were filled to the brim with holidaymakers.Habibul was going to Sirajganj on a truck. Talking to the Daily Star, he said they paid Tk 300 per person to go to Sirajganj from Chandra.Failing to find a seat on a bus, Rafiqul Islam boarded a truck to reach Rangpur by paying Tk 500. This correspondent talked to him in Kaliakair area when he has already drenched by the rain.

Rafiqul said he will try to catch a bus after reaching Sirajganj.There is often a high demand for transportation as people travel to celebrate Eid with their families and loved ones. This increased demand leads to overcrowded buses, forcing people to travel on trucks or pickup vans, risking their lives.

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