DMP arrests 30 for consuming, selling drugs in city

As part of the anti-drug drives in the capital, the members of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) arrested a total of 30 people on charges of selling and consuming drugs during the last 24 hours till 6am today. According to a release issued by the DMP, police conducted these operations against the drug sellers and consumers in different areas under various police stations of the metropolis. They also detained a total of 30 drug traffickers and recovered a huge amount of drugs from their possessions from 6am of August 3 to 6 am today.During the anti-drug raids, police seized 1,560 pieces of contraband yaba tablets, 20 grams and 3000 puria (small packet) of heroin, 4.890 kilograms of cannabis (ganja) and 30 bottles of phensidyle syrup from their possessions, the release added. Police filed 26 separate cases against the arrestees in these connections with respective police stations under the Narcotics Control Act.

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