Chittagong City Corporation (CHSIC) will conduct clean activities in two phases to keep the city of Chittagong

Chittagong City Corporation (CHSIC) will conduct clean activities in two phases to keep the city of Chittagong clean on the day of Eid.This decision was finalized in the meeting of Chasik’s clean department at Tiger Pass office on Tuesday In the first phase, on the day of Eid from 4 AM to 12 AM, the sevaks will clean the alleys from the streets of the city. Garbage collected by garbage trucks will be taken to Garbage from 5 pm to 1 am after the break on the occasion of Eid congregation and Eid celebration.In the speech of the chief guest at the meeting, City Mayor Bir Muktijoddha said. Rezaul Karim Chowdhury said that the cleanliness department should play an important role to keep the city clean and reduce the prevalence of mosquitoes. Chasik cleaned the city in just 7 hours during the last Eid al-Adha and left a response across the country. Chittagong should be kept clean in this way even during Eid. Since there are more closures this Eid, the challenge of keeping the city clean is also greater. It should be ensured that the city remains clean during Eid.Addressing the councilors, the mayor said that the councilors will monitor whether the clean activities are being done properly in the ward. If someone cheats, make a written complaint. Will be investigated and punished. No lobbying-recommendation will work in this regard.Addressing the zone heads and supervisors of the clean department, the mayor said, I went to Maheshkhal a few days ago and saw that it was filled with garbage. What is the job of zone heads? Wherever I go, I see heaps of garbage What is the job of supervisors? Sweeping activities have also reduced in the city Most of the zone heads and supervisors are negligent in their duties Chosi will take salary, and will not work elsewhere If you put construction materials on the road, they confiscate them If someone puts up a poster, take legal action with a notice. Coaching centers are ruining the entire city Posting everywhere should be stopped. Ensures the use of tarpaulins in garbage trucks Shortage of manpower and equipment will be filledThe mayor announced to hold a meeting with the clean department once every month and to start training programs for the clean department.In the president’s speech, Chasik Chief Executive Officer Sheikh Muhammad Touhidul Islam said that we are going to organize training for students of educational institutions under Chasik to make students aware of keeping the city clean. UNDP will sign a memorandum of understanding with Chasik at the end of April We will train 2 teachers and students from each school in Chasik After that, the trained will train the rest of the teachers and students of the schoolChief Clean Officer Commander Latiful Haque Kazmi said, I don’t want to see dirt on the streets in the city Everywhere the environment is getting damaged due to garbage, people are suffering The supervisor will be suspended if found dirty anywhere Wards will be run by Zonal Officers, except supervisors if necessaryHe said, various activities have been taken to make the people aware Even then, if anyone creates public nuisance by throwing garbage, a raid will be conducted with the help of magistrates if necessary In order to speed up the activities of the clean department, the control of the vehicles used in the clean activities is being taken from the mechanical sub-department to the clean department Adequate mosquito repellants are stocked I hope that the activities of the clean department will be more visible after EidPanel Mayor Ghiyas Uddin said, since Eid is more closed this time, the cleaning department has to be more careful As people’s representative I think councilors should play more role It is possible to build a clean Chittagong if everyone works together.Malaria and mosquito control officer. Sharful Islam Mahi said, Dengue wave is coming. Councilors’ cooperation is needed to prevent this wave A task force should be formed in each ward under the leadership of councillors At present there is enough medicine and the stock will be increased in the future Besides, we are doing lab research on mosquitoes It may take some time to see results in the lab, but in the long run, science-based mosquito control programs will be possibleDeputy Chief Clean Officer Morshedul Alam Chowdhury said that the zone officers must fulfill their duties in the evacuation operation. If necessary, risks must be taken to rid the city of illegal hawkers It is not possible to reduce mosquitoes by killing only medicine The drain should be cleaned before applying the medicineIn the meeting, Councilor Golam Mohammad Zubair, Abdus Salam Masum, Abdul Mannan, Rumki Sengupta and other employees of the Clean Department gave different opinions.

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