Chandpur’s 40 villages start Ramadan with Saudi Arabia

In a tradition supposedly upheld since 1928, Muslims across 40 villages in Chandpur district initiated their Ramadan fasting on Monday, aligning with the commencement of the holy month in Saudi Arabia.The local mosques witnessed Taraweeh prayers on Sunday evening, and villagers had sehri before dawn, marking the beginning of the fasting period. This practice, rooted in the rituals of Sadra Darbar Sharif in Sadra village, Hajiganj upazila, adheres to the moon sighting in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries, shared Pirjada Dr. Bakibillah Mishkat Chowdhury.Approximately 40 villages in the district follow this custom not only for Ramadan fasting but also for celebrating the two Eids on the same dates observed in Saudi Arabia.These villages span across various upazilas including Sameshpur, Alipur, Balakhal, Monihar, Protapur, and Basara in Hajiganj upazila; Kamta, Laxmipur, Gallak, Bholacho, Sonacho, Ubharampur, Uttoli, Munshirhat, Kaitara, Mulpara, Badarpur, Aitpara, Surangachail, Balithuba, Paikpara, Nurpur, Sachonmegh, Sholla Hasha, and Gobindapur in Faridganj upazila. Additionally, Dashani, Mohonpur, Pachani, and Chataki in Matlab North upazila, along with select villages in Kachua and Shahrasti upazilas, partake in this observance.

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