BNP’s politics is on verge of destruction: Quader

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader today said BNP’s politics has reached the edge of destruction. “The BNP’s politics, not the country, has reached the brink of destruction today,” he said in a statement issued in response to the statements of BNP leaders that the country is standing on the edge of crisis.Quader, also the road transport and bridges minister, said BNP has been indulging in falsehood and propaganda since its birth, while the BNP leaders fear the country’s people and the constitution and judicial system as they are afraid of the truth. BNP’s balloon of falsehood has already started to deflate, while the party is involved in anti-state activities in the name of opposing the government, he said. “They all (BNP leaders) want power but they are afraid of joining elections. So, they have taken stance in favour of the unelected government system,” he added. The AL general secretary said the so-called movement of BNP is a movement to grab power as there is no involvement of people in this movement. “In the name of so-called movement, they (BNP) want to gain political interest by creating a frightening situation through terrorism and violence,” he added.Quader said BNP’s movement means destroying national resources and killing the country’s people through arson attacks. Those who consider the people as their enemies never get the support of commoners and the movement the BNP is waging relying on its foreign masters will not bring any welfare of the people but will weaken the country, he said. The road transport and bridges minister said BNP has made the country’s people their opponents to make its foreign maters happy.The so-called movement of BNP is a movement to seize the state power in any way as there is no public involvement in this movement, he said.The AL general secretary said BNP leaders were over-excited once the United States announced its new visa policy, and then the BNP leaders got crazy to implement their apolitical ambitions by violating the dignity of the government and the country’s people.He said the government has no interference on judiciary as the law takes its own course.Many AL leaders and workers were sued and many were arrested, and even many of them were sent to jail, he said.About the imprisonment day of AL President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Quader said the then unconstitutional and illegal caretaker government sent Sheikh Hasina to jail illegally on this day in 2007. On that day, he said, not Sheikh Hasina was imprisoned only but the country’s democracy and people’s freedom were made confined. Quader said on June 11, 2008, after 11 months of imprisonment and various conspiracies, the then illegal caretaker government was forced to release Sheikh Hasina on public demand. The democratic rights of the country’s people restored with the release of AL President Sheikh Hasina, he said.

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