Bamboo-made handicrafts becoming popular in Narsingdi

Bamboo and cane-made handicrafts are becoming popular again among the common people to flourish the sector and bring fortune for hundreds of the unemployed rural people of the district.Once Narsingdi district was a rich heritage of traditional handicrafts. A good number of skill craftsman inherited from their forefathers in the district have given a special dimension to their products. .But due to available of the attractive design plastic products in the markets, the demand of the bamboo and cane made handicrafts had decreased. At present it is reviving its popularity among the common people.Understanding about harmful impacts of using synthetic goods, common people are now showing more interest in using bamboo and cane made handicrafts instead of synthetic goods and the private sectors entrepreneurs have been producing the demandable and popularizing items.Craftsman mainly living in the village producing various handicrafts by using bamboo and cane and they are becoming self reliant by adopting the profession. A number of unemployed young girls, distressed women and divorces have also engaged themselves with the profession and proved that handicrafts as a very effective profession in combating poverty and achieving economic well being in the rural areas.Entrepreneurs Safaly ,40, and her 18 years daughter Parul Begum of patoli union of Belabo upazila have set an example in reviving the lost aristocracy by producing various bamboo and cane made charming handicrafts including beds, fruits trays, baskets ,phooldani, mora, ashtray and flute.Like Safaly, house wife Habiba, Fetama Bina Rani, widow khohinur ,Rajia, Sofia and Young girl Hosna and Minoti Das of Shibpur upazila narrated their stories to BSS Today of achieving self-reliance by producing handicrafts in the recent period.

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