Adabar Broadband Internet-Service Stopped, Ex-Jubo League Leader Alleged For Cutting Cable

Broadband internet service has been disrupted since Tuesday in Adabar area of the capital. It has been alleged that a former local Jubo League leader has cut the internet cable to take over the internet business. Internet Service Providers Association of Bangladesh (ISPAB) has stopped broadband internet reconnection in Adabar in protest of this incident.In a press release yesterday, ISPAB said, ‘Cable TV businessman Arifur Rahman cut the Internet cables of all ISP establishments on July 31 and October 10 yesterday to single-handedly seize all types of internet connections in Baitul Aman Housing, Mansoorabad Housing, Sunibir Housing area of Dhaka North City Corporation. gives When the ISPs tried to re-establish internet connection in the area, they were chased away by intimidation.

ISPAB president to solve this problem. A meeting was held with all the businessmen of the area under the chairmanship of Imdadul Haque. It was decided there that all types of internet re-connection will be stopped until the problem of Arifur Rahman’s Internet disconnection in Baitul Aman Housing, Mansoorabad Housing, Sunibir Housing area of Adabar area is resolved permanently.Regarding the complaint, Arifur Rahman told Prothom Alo that he did not do anything. He is not associated with internet business. He owns a cable TV business. That wire has also been cut.He claimed that these cables were cut during the work of City Corporation and Electricity Department. Regarding his political identity, he said that he is the former convener of Adabar Thana Jubo League and the former general secretary of Mohammadpur Thana Chhatra League.

President of ISPAB. Imdadul Haque told Prothom Alo that about 15,000 customers in Adabar area are not getting internet service due to cable cutting. There are 40 to 50 ISP traders. They went to the local councilor Abul Kasem about the problem. They want a permanent solution to the issue.Dhaka North City Ward Councilor No. 30 Abul Kasem was contacted but could not be found.

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