Over 300,000 women avail savings scheme through bKash app

The trend of savings among the women is gearing up thanks to the convenience of availing monthly savings schemes through bKash app which does not require going to the bank counters or even having any account.Digital savings service has gained huge popularity among all especially women as they get everything, including opening of savings schemes of banks and financial institutions of their choice or depositing monthly installments in bKash app.Taking the benefit of digital savings, more than 300,000 women have already opened savings schemes of 4 banks and a financial institution through bKash app to ensure financial security of their own and family, said a press release.Women can easily avail these savings schemes of small amount ranging from Taka 500 to Taka 3,000 which is making their financial management easier and augmenting their participation in financial activities.They are inclined to saving for their future security, children’s education, business purpose, travel, medical treatment, donations or various personal and social needs.Currently, customers can avail monthly savings schemes from IDLC Finance, Mutual Trust Bank (MTB), Dhaka Bank, City Bank and Brac Bank through bKash app. They can avail monthly schemes of Taka 500, Taka 1,000, Taka 2,000 and Taka 3,000 starting from a minimum period of two years to a maximum of four years.Shaila Akhter, a housewife living in Dhaka, said, “It is quite difficult to go to a bank branch and open a savings account after managing my family and children. Likewise, depositing installment every month is also challenging. That’s why I couldn’t manage savings account despite having a strong will,”She said bKash’s savings schemes through app have made it easier for women like her. “Now we can easily open savings scheme and deposit monthly installment through bKash app. I have opened savings scheme for the future education expense of my daughter”.Amena Khatun, who joined her first job at a diagnostic center in Rajbari after finishing her study, said, “Monthly savings through bKash is a very good option to save some out of my earnings. After getting salary, I keep adequate balance in my bKash account for monthly installment to be deducted automatically through bKash app.”From opening savings account to depositing monthly installments, customers can receive the total amount upon maturity through bKash app.Even a customer can withdraw savings amount at any stage through bKash app. A customer availing a saving scheme will be notified before each due date to keep sufficient balance in the account.They can also see all the important information ‘Live’ from the bKash app, including total savings amount, savings period, and profits. Customers can also Cash Out the full amount including interest without any charge.

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