Gold price passes Tk 1 lakh for first time in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Jewelers Association (Bajus) has announced price hike of top quality of gold once again.Each bhori of 22-carat gold was fixed at Tk 1,00,778 which will be effective on Friday, the Bajus said on Thursday.

Bajus said it had no alternative but to increase the rates as the prices of pure gold has increased in the local market.According to the new rates, the price of each bhori of 21-carat gold has been fixed at Tk 96,228, while the price of each bhori of 18-carat gold at Tk 82,464.Additionally, the traditional gold price has been set at Tk 68,701.Meanwhile, according to the category, the price of 22-carat silver is Tk 1,715, and 21-carat is Tk 1,633.Additionally, the price of 18-carat silver is Tk 1,400 and traditional silver is Tk 1,050.Bajus had last hiked the prices of gold on June 7, which came into effect on June 8.

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